belted glitter knit vest


Product Code : MN2B8KVT723W_BK

The shiny knit material reminiscent of stars embroidered in the night sky is luxuriously added with two buttons of design. You can style your look even more refined by pairing it with a leather belt with the right mix of chain and pearls.

  • - Fitting information: 175cm, size 55 model wears size 90
    • - Wool blend
      - Button closure on front
      - Double layered collar
      - Fake buttoned pockets on both sides of chest and side pockets
      - Slits on both sides of hem
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    Product Details
    Product no. : MN2B8KVT723W
    Items : Clothing
    Material : 겉감 NYLON 7%, POLYESTER 38%, RAYON 41%, WOOL 14%(BK)
    Color : BK(BLACK)
    Size : 90
    Country of origin : Republic of Korea
    Manufacturers : Handsome corp.
    Manufacturing month and year : 202106
    How to wash and Handling Precautions
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    Quality assurance standards
    1. Dry clean only. It may get colored, discolored, or bleached in the wash. Take off removable details such as buttons and accessories or wrap them in foil before washing. Due to the nature of the fabric, it may fuzz and get damaged by friction, so should be treated with care. 2. Dry clean only. it may fuzz and get loose by friction, so should be treated with care. 3. Leather goods should be taken to a leather specialist for cleaning. Keep away from liquid. It may get colored by friction, so should be treated with care. 4. Use a cleaner for leather goods only. Keep away from liquid. It may get colored by dyed clothing, so should be treated with care. 5. It may be discolored by water, so should be treated with care. 6. It may be discolored and misshapen in the wash, so should be treated with care.

    AS Officer and Contact
    Handsome corp./1800-5700

    The above information has been prepared in accordance with the Notice provides product information.
    Size Measurements


    Length :
    Chest :
    Shoulder :
    Sleeve Length :

    Based on model wearing size(90)

    Measurement error may occur according to a measurer and materials of clothing.
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    • Middle East: Qatar, UAE, Kuwait
    • Europe: Swiss, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Germany,
      France, Iceland, UK, Italy, Spain, Turkey
    • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

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    Bangladeshi, India
    USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East


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