Shopping Guide


Shopping Bag
  • Select a color and a size of a product you wish to buy and add to the Shopping Bag.
  • Maximum 50 items can be added to the Shopping Bag and will be stored for 30 days. Items stored over 30 days will be deleted automatically.
    Add items that you want to keep for a long time to the My heart.
  • Prices or benefits may change if you actually purchase the items in the shopping bag.
  • Sold-out items in the Shopping Bag will be deleted automatically.
  • Coupons can be applied on the order sheet and are automatically applied as the maximum discount when entering the order form.
  • If you want domestic delivery, please use the Korean service of The Handsome.com.
Orders / Pay
  • You can order when you log in after joining our membership. Non-member cannot place an order.
  • Click to “Pay Now” on a product detail page, or select & check out a item on the Shopping Bag.
  • Please type your shipping address in English for international shipping.
  • Discount coupon applicable at the stage of an order page.
  • 4 types of payment methods
    - Credit
    - Paypal
    - Alipay
    - Wechatpay
  • Once the payment is completed you will be able to check the order list on My page.