Shopping Guide


Cancel Order
  • You may cancel an order at the stage of payment completed.
  • If you want a partial cancellation, please place a new order after cancelling the previous order. (It may not go through Customs)
  • Cancellation cannot be allowed at the stage of a product preparation. Please request a product return after receiving a package.
How to Return
  • Please click to “Request Return” on My Page and Select a reason for return and upload photo proof.
  • After approval of return, we ask a shipping company to pick up your return item.
  • Courier service will contact you directly to arrange time of pickup.
  • Along with a package of your return item, please send a filled return document which you received by email to courier service.
  • Once your return item arrives, we compare the state of a returned item and a submitted reason with photo proof, and confirm to proceed refund process. For a full refund, a return item should be a new and unworn condition in the original packaging.
  • If the returned product is confirmed to be not defected or misdelivered, the refund amount can be different from the estimated refund amount.
  • Items may be returned only within one week of receipt.
  • We offer a free return service except for the case if the purchased amount is reduced to less than ₩200,000 by returning some of ordered items, Maximum ₩20,000 (Shipping fee) will be deducted from total refundable amount.
  • Product return cannot be allowed in case tags have been removed or damaged.
  • In case the purchased amount is reduced due to a partial return, coupons which are only applicable when purchasing over a certain amount cannot be applied.
  • Note that it may take 2-3 days for a payment approval cancellation by a card/payment company. Please contact directly to the customer service of a card/payment company.
  • Followings are cases for a full refund.
    1. Original state of an item is damaged or defective. (It should be confirmable by a uploaded photo.)
    2. Confirmed wrong delivery.
    3. Actual size measurement differ from details on THEHANDSOME.COM (Excl. error less than 1-2cm)
    4. Packages are not delivered to customers properly, due to other reasons caused by THEHANDSOME.COM or a delivery company.