Fashion Retailer Company ‘Handsome’

No doubt Handsome is the utmost leading company in the Korean fashion industry.
With more than 25 years of experience in the fashion, we have not only built the capability to design,
market and retail fashion brands, but also launched and nurtured imported fashion brands successfully based on our expertise in collaborative
global business partnership and local market knowledge.

We have built the database of approximately 500,000 fashion consumers from fashion retail business. Handsome is also an organization of growth
for the imported brands such as Lanvin, Chloe, Bally, Jimmy Choo, Iro, MM6, Eleventy, and Mue/Tom Greyhound multi-label store.
For these brands, we manage the PR advertising, marketing, mix, promotion, channel development strategy, and logistics.

Moreover, we have made a significant step forward with successful structuring of company M&A with Hyundai Department Store Group.
It enriches the company in respect to financial statement as well as retail opportunity that Hyundai Department Store is offering from its own
distribution channel and consumer database.
This creative achievement of combining two organizations will assure you that Handsome will accommodate considering proven track record of
successful fashion business of Handsome and the retail distribution offered by Hyundai Department Store Group.

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